Return On Investment

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What Will CrossTALKS Consulting Do For Me?

When you join CrossTALKS Consulting, you are making the decision to take a few hours a month in person and virtually for your own professional development.  Based on client feedback, below are benefits of working with our team:

My business is booming. I leave every meeting feeling empowered, energized and ready to tackle any obstacle that I face

It’s the deep relational connectivity I have learned to better connect with myself and employees

CrossTALKS Business Advisors operate with humility and highest moral standards

Grown 4X since joining CrossTALKS. It’s incredible how God’s energy & love explodes here

Brings everything that matters most into focus

Holding me accountable which results in better decision making and results

Exposure to new ideas and purposeful strategies from my wise, kind and passionate business, marketing and personal Advisors

Shows evidence that God wants us to prosper

Everyone wants to give their time, resources, contacts and efforts

Gain hands-on business tools that help save and make money

Business Advisors speaking from decades of experience in an agenda-free, safe and non-judgmental environment

Professionally facilitated meetings ensure an engaging & fun experience consistently

These are the kindest, most experienced business people to work and do life with

Professional development as a leader to learn how to ask better questions and get to the root of systemic issues

The CrossTALKS social media platform highlights Members and their business. It’s great advertising and branding!

The business tools help build our firms whether we are 5 or 25 years in business