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Your CrossTALKS Methodology is designed for owners and CEOs who want a proven system that works.
Your CrossTALKS Advisory Program best serves those with annual revenues of $300K to $20M in any industry.

Driving Business Performance | Developing Leaders | Connecting Powerfully

Human Experiences Still Matter:

Relationships, Integrity, Kindness and Hard Work

The Leadership CrossTALKS programs are comprised of the kindest, talented, most successful and generous business advisors in the nation. Our clients learn how to build wisdom from the Bible, utilize best practices in their business, lead during tough challenges, as well as serve their employees and customers with excellence.


Relationships, Integrity, Kindness and Hard Work

Your CrossTALKS Consulting is a results driven program for business executives who are seeking consistent, predictable methodologies that work. Our easy-to-use business tools help make better use of their time in and out of the office.

Our Business Advisors have decades of hands-on experience. They will guide you toward the life you always imagined but have not, yet, quite achieved. Yes, it is hard work AND it is achievable.